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Why choose APEX Performance Pool Equipment? APEX Performance is highly effective and efficient equipment for a modern pool system that runs at its best. Here are some of the things we are doing to set APEX equipment apart from the swimming pool industry:

Leveraging almost 2 decades of manufacturing experience (since 2005)
Providing lower cost pool equipment without sacrificing performance
Focusing on consumer satisfaction & customer service for pool-owners
Protecting your pool equipment with USA-based warranty support
Focusing on innovation to allow pool owner independence

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Salt Cells

Posted by APEX Staff on 2/5/2024
The prevalence of saltwater pool systems has made them the go-to choice for home swimming pools. However, even among those who have a salt pool, understanding the inner workings of a salt system often remains superficial. Here are some

Advantages of Upsizing Your Salt System: 5 Compelling Reasons

Posted by APEX Staff on 1/15/2024
When dealing with saltwater chlorinators, the common adage is "bigger is better." Regardless of the brand you choose, opting for a larger system than your pool's actual size is the industry norm. For instance, if you have a 20,000-gallon pool,

Salt Water Pool Maintenance Guide For Beginners

Posted by APEX Staff on 11/29/2023
Maintaining a saltwater pool isn't as tricky as it might seem if you're new to it. Compared to regular chlorine pools, keeping a salt pool clean is simpler and better for the environment. If you're used to the usual chlorine methods for pools,

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